The mission of a Bichon Frise rescue is to help dogs that are unwanted. During their quest to find dog’s new homes, the rescue will do everything in their power to:

 Save dogs from being euthanized at shelters – Due to the number of dogs that are abandoned, lost or surrendered to shelters each year (millions in the U.S. alone), animal shelters simply don’t have the capacity to keep and care for every one they find. It is unfortunate, but when certain shelters are overloaded with animals, these animals will be euthanized after their time limit has expired. For instance, if a dog is brought in and not claimed or provided a new home within a week or two, some shelters will euthanize the dog simply because they can not afford to keep it.

This is where a Bichon Frise rescue can help Bichon’s in shelters. If a rescue is linked to a shelter, the shelter will call the rescue to let them know of the dogs they have, and see if the rescue can take them. The rescue may also call to see if there are any dogs they can help.

 Takes in abandoned dogs that have no where to go – A rescue will take in dogs that are left on their doorstep, or dogs they may find. A rescue may also allow people to surrender their dogs directly to them. Essentially, it all depends on what a Bichon Frise rescue regulations.

 Gives them a safe, clean and warm environment to stay in – The dogs that a rescue takes in are provided with a comfortable home where they can feel secure. The dogs are properly exercised, fed and played with.

 Provides them with Veterinarian care – The dogs at a Bichon Frise rescue are provided with Vet care. Many rescues have special discounts with Veterinarians who provide their dogs with Vet care. The rescue will do everything in their power to address a dog’s needs based on their illnesses. For instance, many dogs that are rescued from the street have heart worm, fleas, etc. Unfortunately, some dogs have more serious health conditions and may require surgery, or really expensive medications. This is how making donations and sponsoring a rescue can really help them provide their dogs with the best care.

 Provides them with foster homes – When a Bichon Frise resecue takes in dogs, they don’t always keep dogs on their premise. A rescue, like a shelter, has a limited capacity. Therefore, in order to create room for new dogs that need rescuing right away, they will often provide their dogs with foster homes for a week or two, while trying to find them a home. Willing individuals offer their home and time to a rescue dog and act as a foster care giver. The rescue still pays for the dog’s expenses, but it’s the foster care givers responsibility to make sure the dog is fed, walked, socialized and played with.

 Gives them special attention to help socialize and train the dog – The rescue has volunteers that will work one on one with dogs to help train and socialize them, to make them familiar and comfortable with other humans and dogs.

 Finds them homes – A Bichon Frise rescue will host events, create webpages, and do all sorts of other advertising in the effort to try and find their dogs new loving homes.

If you would like to help a Bichon Frise rescue in their quest to help make the world a better place for dogs, show them your support by volunteering your time; becoming a foster care giver; making donations; sponsoring a dog; or adopting.